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Boat Box Hot Water Springs

Idaho has a total of 130 soakable hot springs, which is more than any other state. And why not? Idaho is known for its beautiful Scenic mountain landscapes and miles of protected wilderness, but one hot spring that is definitely worth a visit is Boat Box Hot Springs. Here’s how to get there and what to expect.

How to get to Boat Box Hot water springs?

It is located along the Salmon River at an elevation of 6,200 feet. To get to the hot springs, you’ll have to take a left onto Highway 75 from town Stanley of Idaho and head north. After about 3.3 miles of the journey, you will have reached your destination, and the boat box hot spring will be on the right-hand side.

Coordinates to Boat Box Hot Springs- 44.2448647,-114.886138

When you reach the hot springs, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the river and the surrounding mountains. The hot spring is in a metal tub filled with hot water from a PVC pipe. The water in the hot springs is very hot, so be careful when you first get in. The best way to enjoy the hot springs is to spend some time in the river, first to acclimate your body to the heat. While the river is not too deep, so you may have to adjust to shallow waters. However, you can choose to dive into river water if the hot spring is occupied, and you are to wait for your turn. The water temperature can be too low, depending on the weather you visit. So be sure to check if the water is too cool or adjustable.

Elkhart Hot Springs

Why should you visit Boat Box hot water springs?

The Boat Box Hot Springs was once known as Elkhart Hot Springs.

It got its current name after the old wooden box which once used to stand at the metal tub was swept away by the river during a flood, and then it was replaced by a metal cauldron by one of the locals. Since then, it has been known as Boat Box hot water springs.

This is a public space that is maintained by the Stanley community.

Things to Keep in mind while visiting the Boat box hot springs.

The hot spring is near the road, so we advise you to wear a swimsuit and not take a bath naked.

As it is a community-managed hot spring, you need to be considerate of others who are coming to enjoy it and properly communicate how long you would like to use it and follow through.

Don’t litter or use soap while bathing in hot springs. Remember to leave the place as you found it.

The boat box tub is not very big, and a maximum of three to four people can be adjusted in the tub, so if you have a group of more than four, you may want to look for another hot spring to enjoy your time or get in the tub one by one.

Adjust the Water Temperature

Since the water is running from its source through PVC pipe, it is too hot. You can adjust the water temperature by mixing the cold water via a bucket available near the hot spring from the river.

You can also release the water from the tub by a valve at the bottom of the tub. It can be helpful if the water is dirty, too cold, or hot.

What to pack for a boat box hot water springs trip?

Towel – An important piece of clothing, as you will find no place to change.

Sunscreen – As the hot spring is at an elevation of 6,200 feet, you might want to have sunscreen to use.

Swimsuit – The hot spring is just beside the road, so it is good to be respectful of others by wearing a swimsuit.

Water shoes – Although the hot spring is close to the road, to get down and reach the hot spring, you will need to walk on rocks, so sturdy water shoes, which you don’t mind being wet, would be nice.

Snacks – Who knows when you feel hungry, so it’s better to have some snacks packed when you go out.

Water – To stay hydrated after a long bath in hot water, we recommend that you bring lots of drinking water.

Boat Box Idaho

What is the best time to visit Hot box water springs?

The best time to visit the Hotbox water springs would be during summer, primarily due to access to many outdoor activities, such as hiking and rafting. However, on the flip side, you may also find other people coming to enjoy their time at hot box water springs.

Although during winter, you may find the perfect spot to spend time alone and take beautiful pictures. However, on the downside, snow will have fallen on the road, making the area difficult for one.

Where to live in Boat Box Water springs?

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Wrapping Up

Boat box hot water spring is a unique experience one should definitely consider having. And anyone who visited it can vouch for it. Go on, enjoy then!! Remember to respect the hot springs and the natural environment. And enjoy your time to the fullest.

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