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Weir Creek Hot Springs

How to get to Weir Creek Hot Springs?

Weir Creek Hot Springs is a serene oasis in the Clearwater National Forest. It is a popular spot for people to relax and enjoy the soothing waters. It is also a great place to visit because it has many hiking trails nearby.

You can reach this hot springs by taking a short hike by the highway east of Kooskia, Idaho, and southwest of Missoula, Montana. Once you’ve parked at the trailhead, follow the well-defined trail on the left side of Weir Creek for about half a mile.

46°27’29.1″N 115°02’06.3″W

ClearWater National Forest

The hot springs are surrounded by lush forests and offer stunning views of Clearwater National Forest. Dogs are allowed on the trail but must be kept on a leash when in the area.

Bathing at the Weir Creek Hot Springs is relaxing and rejuvenating. The water temperature is around 100-105 degrees, depending on the season you visit.

The water is also clear, so you can see your body as you relax in the hot springs. The sound of rushing water is soothing and will sooth your soul.

The trail is perfect for hiking, birding, or walking. During the winter, it can be tricky to move around the trail, but the ropes added along the way make the hike extra smooth.

Weir Creek Idaho

Things To Know Before Visiting Weir Creek Hot Springs

  • Plan your visit early as it’s a famous spot in the area and can get crowded easily.
  • Wear comfortable shoes when visiting the hot springs to ensure you can move freely
  • As a protector of nature, you are responsible for cleaning up all trash and leaving the place cleaner than when you found it.  
  • Remember, it’s not your private pool, so be welcoming to everyone or communicate how long it will take.  
  • Make sure you bring plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.  

Wrapping Up

You can enjoy various activities nearby, such as swimming, fishing, hiking, and bird watching. Weir Creek Hot Springs offers a relaxing experience for visitors of all ages. 

The Weir Creek Hot Springs is a beautiful and pristine spot to relax and soak in the natural hot springs. If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out.

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