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How To Get To Blue Lagoon Malta

Best Things to Do in Blue Lagoon Malta

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The Blue Lagoon is a small lake or tarn with cyan blue-colored water situated on the west coast of Comino island connecting Gozo and Malta. The lagoon known for its jaw-dropping sceneries around the Maltese archipelago attracts several travel aficionados daily during summer. The Blue Lagoon Malta is one of the key attractions, where tourists flock from all parts of the world during the summertime.

It is the perfect spot to relax and unwind for a couple of days in Malta. You can also take a refreshing swim, do snorkeling, and take in the beauty of the spectacular views. The Blue Lagoon throngs with people in summer from July to September and therefore, your best bet is taking a ferry to reach there in the early morning hours.

Weather: The standard maximum daily temperature during this time of the year is 27 degrees Celsius, the warm and sunny weather ideal for sunbathing. The average temperature of the water is around 27 degrees, which is warm and comfortable for swimming in the lagoon. You may experience seven days of moderate rainfall with an average precipitation of 5.3mm around this time. The cloud cover during summer will be 29 percent.

If you are an adventure-seeker and interested in windsurfing, sailing, fishing, and surfing in the lagoon, check out the wind, wave, and tidal conditions of the place during this time.

Reaching Blue Lagoon Malta

Get to Blue Lagoon by taking a ferry from Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal, from where you can also reach Gozo. You can also board a bus to reach Cirkewwa. Besides, you can reach Cirkewwa from other regions of Malta.

The buses taking you to Malta are X1, X1A, and X1B. Besides, you can also board 41, 42, and 101, 221, 250, and 222, though not all the buses pass via Valletta. You can look at the map on the Malta public transport website.

Cost of your trip to Blue Lagoon Malta

You will need to shell out approx €167 or $199 daily on your vacation to Blue Lagoon Malta. Expect to spend €22 or $27 on food per day and €6.86 or $8.16 if you opt for local transportation.

The average cost of boarding a hotel in Malta will cost you around €97 or $116 for two people. It means that a trip to Malta for a week will cost you around €2,341 or $2,787. Based on these travel costs, you can plan your budget for a vacation in Blue Lagoon Malta.

Things to Know before visiting Blue Lagoon Malta

Before you head to Blue Lagoon Malta, you need to know a couple of things about the place. These include:

  • During the peak season, the place is too crowded usually between 10 am – 4 pm. Therefore, it is better to travel early morning or during the weekends.
  • There are some rocky areas when you can keep your belongings while diving into the water, but the smartest choice is hiring a boat when you are at this place.
  • If you plan to spend the whole day around the Blue Lagoon, carry a large water bottle and food, especially in the summer. Though hotels provide food and beverage, they are not close to the beach. Though you will find hotels within a walking distance, a walk during the hot summer months is the last thing you would like to do.
  • If you are heading to Blue Lagoon Malta for the sun and sea, the months of May, June, as well as October are a better option because of the weather and less crowd.

Does the Blue Lagoon ruin your bathing suit?

You do not have to worry about ruining your bathing suit when you go into the waters of The Blue Lagoon. The water combines seawater, thermal saltwater, and algae that give it the blue-green hue. If you do not want to swim in your bathing suit or clothes at all, some rental lockers are available on-site for a small fee.

What do people visit Blue Lagoon Malta for?

People usually come to blue lagoon Malta to see aquamarine water – it looks like an untouched paradise. This place offers something different from what you would have seen on your travels before, as lava rocks have filtered the crystal-clear water so visitors can swim in its depths without any worry of impurities or pollutants that may be lurking below. It’s also an excellent spot for scuba diving due to all the marine life inhabitants found here.

Things to carry to Blue Lagoon

It is best to stay prepared before you visit Blue Lagoon in Malta. Here are things you need to carry:

  • Carry a good sunscreen lotion, umbrella, and sunglasses if you would like to spend the entire day on the beach.
  • Carry snacks and drinks to the beach, though you can buy, the prices will be on the higher side. You can buy Malta’s delicious pineapple cocktails from the beach kiosks.
  • Carry large towels, swimsuits, as well as snorkeling goggles if you prefer to swim or try some water activities on the beach. Stay under some shade if you are not swimming or snorkeling.
  • You will find spectacular views around the Blue Lagoon, Malta and therefore, you will like to capture the sights and sounds in your camera. So carry a quality camera with you.
  • If you would like to explore the inland, carry comfortable shoes, usually sneakers or hiking boots depending on your activities and the Malta weather. The place is rocky and therefore, you should wear sturdy shoes while ascending the cliffs to get the jaw-dropping view from, above. On the beach, you can wear flip-flops
  • Carry light clothes if you are visiting during the hot summer days to protect your skin from the scorching heat of the sun. Besides, if you plan to explore the island in winter or autumn, you will need a light jacket because the temperature though does not dip too low, but you will experience gusty winds and so the weather gets chilly.
  • Swimming and snorkeling in the azure waters are must-do activities when you visit Blue Lagoon Malta. Then, the lagoon is a bit overcrowded during summer, and therefore, you can choose to take a refreshing dip on the other side, the Cominotto Beach, which is approximately 300 meters both ways, you can even take a walk on some parts of this place.
  • You will find awesome caves close to the Blue Lagoon beach, but even seasoned swimmers struggle hard to return from the caves, as the water currents and waves are quite strong. Therefore, avoid swimming in the non-designated zones.
  • You will find jellyfish and so watch out for them. Avoid being stung. Even if you are stung, fret not, beach lifeguards will come to your assistance.
  • Avoid the temptation of jumping off cliffs. You may like to make an impression your friends or looking for some adrenaline rush, but the cliff surfaces and walls are extremely rocky and together with the waves, cliff jumping is not a good idea as many life-threatening accidents or injuries occur each year from cliff diving.

Best Things to Do in Blue Lagoon Malta

Blue Lagoon Malta

There are several things to do from boating and snorkeling to eating at restaurants in Blue Lagoon Malta, and you’ll be spoilt for choices:

Enjoy an Exciting Boat Trip to the Blue Lagoon

Seated between the tiny island of Comino and the isle of Cominotto, you will find the azure-colored lagoon to astound you. Popular for its beautiful and transparent cyan-blue water and white sand, it’s the coveted spot to take in the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. You can swim, snorkel in the Blue Lagoon, which is a serene place for you to unwind and chill out, appreciating the scenic views around.

Do Snorkeling

When you are awestruck by the scenic beauty of Blue Lagoon Malta, you should dive into the water, take in the stunning beauty of marine life, and find out the treasure this picturesque island hides. Snorkeling is the best way to take delight in the warm waters of the Maltese island. Then, you need to have basic swimming skills to enjoy snorkeling. When you have the right snorkeling gear, you can explore the beauty of the coastline, stunning marine life, as well as the aquatic scenery.

Snorkeling will take up to three or four hours if you cover the Blue Lagoon Comino and Crystal Lagoon Comino. Swim in the azure waters, witness incredible marine life, as well as some of the awesome shipwrecks here.

Take a Dip in the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is safe and family-friendly, however, if you would like to explore deeper, you can swim from the lagoon to Cominotto, the deserted island just opposite the rock-strewn beach of the lagoon. Although not an extremely long swim, it calls for some experience. A seasoned swimmer can look for adventure in the cave around the swimming area.

Savor Delicious Cakes at Fontanella Tearooms

Explore the verdant Fontanella Tea Garden in Mdina for some delicious homemade cakes, light meals, and beverages with your loved ones. Though you will find outdoor and indoor seating, we recommend that you sit outdoors to enjoy the spectacular views of Malta. Take some time to pick the extensive range of mouthwatering cakes served here.

Feel the Realm of the Knights of St John

If you love history, you will love to experience this place, where the Knights of St John, Jerusalem ruled and amassed tons of wealth in 1530, reigning for 238 years! Take delight in the huge palace, interactive great siege experience, and of course the historical tours of the three amazing cities.

Savor Freshly Cooked Seafood at the Sunday Fish Market

Visit the famous fish market in Malta on a Sunday. Head for this place early in the morning to witness how Maltese fishermen catch fresh fish from the Mediterranean. You can sample some of the freshly cooked fish at one of the restaurants near the Sunday fish market.

Experience the History of World War II

Did you know that during World War II, Malta, one of the most bombed places with more than 14,000 bombs charged here? Malta’s marvelous history of WWII means the island is full of places that you can explore and experience on this beautiful island. Experience the aviation museum, air raid shelters, as well as war rooms with your family and friends.

Spend Some Time in Gozo

Take a short boat ride from the Blue Lagoon, Malta to Gozo to spend a day with your loved ones. The place is more bucolic yet scenic compared to Malta. The tiny island stretching for just 67 km sq is the ideal spot for vacationing with your family.

Explore the cafes, quaint shops, taking all things in your stride. Move around this beautiful island to experience the Maltese culture in every nook and corner of this island.

Walk the Film Sets of the Movie Popeye

Head for Sweethaven, the film set, in the small town of Mellieha, where Popeye was released back in 1980 starring the popular Robin Williams. It is one of the major tourist spots in Malta, where you can enjoy walking on the sets of the film, explore the buildings, and see the other attractions such as sunbathing areas, pools, dining zone, boat trips, and popular shows. It is an ideal spot for a family outing in Malta.

Take a Tour of the Megalithic Temples

You will find many megalithic temples spread out around the south, one of which is the prehistoric Ħal-Saflieni Hypogeum, the oldest and ancient underground megalithic temple in the world. Explore the maze of a burial spot Ħal-Saflieni Hypogeum that dates back to over 5,000 years, is the key attraction restricted to not more than 80 visitors per day. Make sure to book early if you would like to see the megalithic temples.

Take Delight in Caravaggio’s Original, Beautiful Paintings

When you are in Malta, do not miss Caravaggio’s iniquitous and beautiful paintings, the Beheading of St John, who was the Baptist as well as St Jerome Writing that you find in St John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta.

Spend time in the place where Caravaggio served for a short time as a knight after he fled from Italy. Make sure you carry your passport to visit this place.

Savor Scrumptious Pastries at the Kiosks

Savor the taste of pies, pastries, pizzas, and the scrumptious pastizzi, hot, filled mini-pastries to spoil your taste buds in one of the kiosks at Malta. Choose a bottle of Malta popular soft drink to wash the food down your gullet. Yes, Kinnie, the favorite beverage of Malta, you must try.

Final thoughts

There are more things to do in Blue Lagoon, Malta, and in and around the beautiful island than you can imagine. Taking boat rides, swimming in the azure waters of the lagoon, snorkeling, visiting the major tourist spots, explore the rich Maltese history, and eating are a few to mention. Bon voyage!

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