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5 Best beaches in Kefalonia

Top five beaches of Kefalonia

Do you know why beaches are the best tourist spot? The sparkling sand covering the whole area and stroke of sunshine on your skin is probably the best feeling. That’s why 71% area of the earth is covered in beautiful beaches. The sound of waves, sand between the toes in the summer is the best feeling ever. Swimming when you get sunburn can relieve stress in a minute. There are tons of reasons why a person should go to the beach at least once in his life. And we are going to help you make that decision. Below you will see top 5 prettiest beaches in Kefalonia, also called Cephalonia. These are among the most beautiful beaches in the world. And here you will learn everything you need to know about them.

5 must-visit beaches in Kefalonia

1. Petani Beach

The beach is a distance 35 km long from Argostoli that is Kefalonia’s capital. The beach is in Paliki and has the most stunning look you can imagine. You will notice the land is mostly covered with scattered pebbles and sand along the shore. You can see massive cliffs beside a beautiful landscape and blue crystal waters. You can enjoy considerable waves in Petani.

Another attractive feature is a couple of taverns located nearby beach. You will get the organised luxury of sundecks and umbrellas. Other leisures are washroom, and shower close to the beach. Although you might need to adjust your car for the best parking place. The best way to do is to go ahead of everyone is and find yourself a perfect spot. After you are done enjoying the beach you can go and visit monasteries and villages nearby.

How to reach?

There are numerous ways you can use to reach the Petani beach. You can reach it from anywhere on the island through these following means:

Airways: 42 Km

Argostoli to Petani: 35 Km

Sami port to Petani: 27.3 miles

Rental cars: You can rent a car in Kelafonia just by paying 11 euros a day. You can get it at any hotel, port or an airport. By a rental car, you can explore its full extent and have an interesting time at your pace.

Private transport:

You can take advantage of Kefalonia transfer service. You will be provided with a private VIP car taxi or minibus to go to the airport. Other alternatives to book an online cab or go for a local driver.

Kefalonia Petani

2. Myrtos beach

It is undoubtedly one of the most famous attraction spots in Kefalonia. 29 km long from Argostoli in North, it has a huge variety of verdant hills.

Travel magazines proudly consider Myrtos beach as one of the best in Greece. It is hygienic and beautiful both.

You can see lush evergreen vegetation on top of the white rocky cliffs making the semicircular shaped beach look spectacular. The complete look stunning due to the white pebbles, crystal water and rough terrain. Most of the beach is covered with sundecks and umbrella, and little space is left for isolation.

It is considered as the natural beauty of Kefalonia and among the most popular places in Greece. You can enjoy magnificent sunset views and strong winds. Other facilities you may get is cold drinks bar.

How to reach?

You can quickly get access to Myrtos beach from anywhere on the island. Most convenient ways are:

Airport to Myrtos: 36 km

From Sami Port: 18 km

From Argostoli: 29 km

Public transfer: You can find the central bus station at Argostoli. During the day you can catch a bus from there to the beach. Although timing changes with the season.

Rental cars: Again as you read above, you can rent a car by just 11 euros a day from directly at the hotel, or an airport. It’s an advantage for you with the car as you can travel wherever you want on the island.

Private transfer: You can use pre-booked service of a private VIP car or a minibus taking you directly to the beach from the hotel or airport.

Kefalonia Myrtos

3. Lourdes beach

This widespread coastal settlement is located in the South-East direction from Argostoli. It is 16.7 kilometre far from there. It overlooks the blue sea while being on the hillside. It is known for its excellent organisation and a refreshing swim. People who just arrived in the village go for a swim and get ultimate relaxation. Furthermore, green landscape surrounds the beach with thick vegetation. Other than that, you can see huge mountains and waterfalls nearby.

You will get captivated by the dream scenery of Mount Aenos mountain backdrop and crystalline water. There are two sunbed rows, colourful umbrellas with white sand covering the whole of the beach. Above it, you will see the main road having enough cafes, restaurants, model amenities and local shops. You can easily reach there by public bus. Also, the Monastery of Sissa is near the coast.

How to reach?

Different ways by which you can reach the beach from the island are:

Airport: 14 km

Sami port to Lourdes: 28.5 km

From Argostoli: 16.7 km

Private transport: Just like others you can go for Kefalonia transfer service online and book a cab for a private car. You baby pic from your hotel or port and drop to directly on your destination.

Public transfer: From Central bus station in Argostoli you can catch the bus and reach there.

Rental cars: You can rent a car and go on your own whenever and wherever you need.

Kefalonia Lourdas

4. Antisamos beach

This one is most preferred in Greece for sunbathing and swimming. 30.6 kilometre far from Argostoli East, this is quite close to Sami port. The unique quality about the beach is its turquoise water and lush vegetation of green hills. The scene is quite enchanting.

All the visitors are captivated by its stunning scenery and rows of sundecks and umbrellas. Another thing that made it worldwide famous is because it was the part of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin- a Hollywood movie.

You can enjoy sunbath and nature behind the hill as it is made explicitly for that purpose. The monastery of Agrillion is another huge tourist attraction element that is situated on the top of the mountain.

How to reach?

Some easiest ways to reach the location from anywhere on the island:

Airport: 38 km

From Argostoli: 30.6 km

Sami port to the beach: 5 km

People can reach there from the coastal road of Sami as well.

Rental car:

Car is probably the most convenient way to reach the location as it will give you complete privacy.

Private: For private transfers, you can only look for Kefalonia transfer service on lines and have a private car for yourself.


Bus: You can get the bus from Argostoli station, and it is probably the cheapest way to reach.

Taxi: A taxi will take you from Argostoli to the beach in almost half an hour. It makes it the fastest route to reach the beach.

Kefalonia Antisamos

5. Xi beach

The beach is found in South of Paliki near Lixouri town. It is situated in Greece and partly in Mantzavinata district. It is definitely one of those beaches that are famous for the white rocky hills. It is all covered with reddish-brown sand surrounding the beach. The unique name of the beach came from the letter X that is the shape of the cave.

You can find sunbeds and umbrellas in a well-organised manner at this beach. You can also enjoy snacks and cold drinks in a cool bar. And if you are into adventure, there is a water sports centre specially built for you.

The environment of gentle waves and shallow waters is perfect for the children. There are lots of rented rooms, shops, and taverns. Also, you can choose a hotel for your stay. The beach covers sand of 4 kilometres strip extended up to 50 m width. It is most famous for the soft red sand.

Also called the blue flag beach, you can go long from the shoreline as the sand slopes are gentle. You can park your car near the road or someplace close to your location. It is hard to find a perfect spot as it is always filled with tourist. Especially in September when it is is the highest peak of good weather. There is a good amount of the population on the beach during that season.

How to reach?

One can easily reach the beach from Argostoli or Lixouri. The most popular access is public bus and car.

Airport: 49 Km

Outside the airport, you can find the bus station.

From Sami port: 50 Km

From Argostoli: 42 Km

To reach there from Argostoli, it would be 40 km more or less, and from Lixouri, it will be 10 km.


Kefalonia Xi


The bottom line is that no beach in Greece is more beautiful than the other. The truth is, they all are! What matters is your preference for beauty. Some prefer white sandy beaches while some prefer red sands. Now, after knowing about the five most popular and must-visit beaches in Greece, I hope you can make the right decision on which one is best for your vacation.

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