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Exploration of Akchour waterfalls

Akchour waterfalls – a must-visit tourist spot


Akchour waterfall is undoubtedly a hidden gem of Morocco. If you ever find yourself in Morocco, the falls should be on your list of things to see. Akchour is a small village located about 20 kilometers from Marrakech and is home to one of the most popular natural attractions in Morocco. The beauty of akchour waterfalls has been attracting tourists for centuries, and today it continues to do so with its stunning cascades and pools that tumble down into the valley below.

You can see the trek along the riverside and many cascades in the forest. It’s a great place to hear chirps of the birds and running waterfalls along the valley bottom.

It has a lower and upper waterfall with several other modest waterfalls sharing a single stream. The smaller waterfall is 20m high, and the higher ones are probably 100m. Regardless of its height, it distinguishes the scenic beauty by revealing Red cliffs nearby.

The whole environment is surrounded by the Rif mountains as you walk past rocks. You can see a thick Jungle covered in green moss and tree stumps. You can enjoy a natural swimming area in the lower waterfall just upstream of its drop.


How to get there?

Grand Taxi

The series of waterfalls in Morocco is among the most visited ones. Another benefit is the location as it is just 45 minutes away from Chefchaouen.

However, the best and most convenient way to reach the waterfall from there is to take the ‘Grand taxi’. You can get your grand taxi running once it’s full and believe me, it’s always full even in low season. The average fair is 25 dirhams each person. You can get to the destination within 45 minutes.

It’s effortless to find these taxis. You just need to go to Boulevard Hassan 2 from old Medina. Then you need to follow a straight path along the Boulevard, till you get close to the police station. Right after following the first right exit, you can find taxis on the street.

Once you get here, rest is just a piece of cake. You then just need to speak up with taxi drivers and find out which one is the best to take you to Akchour. You might need to wait for a couple of minutes till the taxi is full, and then you can ride along. The cab will probably need just 4 to 6 members. So you can consider perhaps 15 minutes to wait.


Another best option is to drive your own vehicle if you prefer privacy. You will just have to pay small parking fees, probably around 10 dirhams. And if you want to go for a cheaper way and save fuel, taxi is always the best option.


Not a very demanding adventure, though hiking has steep parts in some of its treks. The hiking trail is of 5.5 kilometres which can take an individual around 3 to 4 hours neglecting the stops.

The impressive part is you can find the little plastic chairs at certain places for the convenience of hikers. You can rest there and enjoy chilled water that is naturally cooled from the fresh river water. And don’t you worry if you feel your hunger cravings, they also prepare tagin as well.

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Just when you reach the parking near the trail, you will see some food stalls and restaurants alongside the river. There you get two options. Either you can walk on a similar side of the river, or you can go to the other sideways by crossing the bridge. Then the waterfall will be just a few moments away.

You can see a precisely marked and clear trail to guide you throughout the way. The path will bring you across the river numerous times and huge cement blocks sideways where you can walk. You can find several wooden bridges or ladders that can help you cross but do not worry as they are robust and safe. And if you got trust issues, you can always use to walk around.

After reaching grand cascade, take a walk from the right side of the pool; it will take you behind the waterfall. It’s a great place to enjoy if you love water and pool. Behind the falls lays an entire hidden world of beauty and peace.
It’s like stepping foot in another dimension because as soon as you reach behind the falls, all you can see are birds and plants everywhere and not much else besides this natural wonderment. The outstanding waterfall will be memorable for a lifetime!

Best things to explore there

Akchour Waterfall and God's Bridge Tangier and the Mediterranean #7

It will be high time for you to take a break and enjoy the natural landscapes of Morocco’s lush. A dip in Akchour waterfalls can relieve you of all the stress at once. There are other sites you can reach within one hour of travelling from place Mohammad V in a minibus. You will reach the Rif mountains from there, which is a small village.

You can switch minibus in a moment with the taxi and reach Talassemtane National park within 45 minutes. It’s a protected area of Morocco where you can hike. The whole trek will take you almost 2 hours but it will we worth the wait as you will end up in magnificent Akchour waterfalls.

If you stay silent, you can clearly hear the sound of waves crashing in the natural pools and rocks. You can head to the waterfall and take a dip in cold water for refreshment. After that, you can enjoy your lunch adjacent to the waterfall as you will be bringing your own picnic. Do not forget to bring your favourite food as you want to find any food stall and restaurant at that very location.

After lunch, you can go on another hiking trip to Talassemtane National park. You can get back to Akchour from there by taxi or a minibus. You can spend your whole day and be back by 5:00 p.m.

Things to carry

The hike doesn’t demand lots of places as it offers many foods and drinks spots till grand cascade. Still, there are a few things that you should carry with you on your trip to hike.

It somewhat depends on the temperature that varies throughout the year. It’s a good idea to check the weather forecast before you plan a trip. You may get an unfortunate experience if you go on a sunny day and come back with rain pouring all over you. The extra packing stuff can make your trip successfully memorable.

Essential items to carry:

Water- This is most important as you can see, it’s good to carry 2 litres of water for each person just in case of emergencies.

Snacks- Buying food on the way can be quite costly, so you can always carry fruits, nuts, and energy-boosting bars.

Hiking shoes- You can wear whatever footwear you want till you reach the waterfall location, but for hiking, you will need special footwear

Camera- This is not essential, but it’s really required to store your memories. As they say, if you are doing something, do it right. Carry extra battery and empty memory card so you can take stunning photos.

Raincoat- This is optional for when the weather seems cloudy

Swimsuits/towels- If you want to swim on a hot day, this is highly required

Cash- This is kind of a given still don’t forget to check it on your list

Planning trip Weather-wise

The best season to go for Akchour waterfall is warm seasons preferably June to September. It’s best when the temperature is high above 30° C. The Hike is hot throughout the way, and it will be best if you wear light dresses. Also, don’t forget to bring enough towels and swimsuits. Don’t worry about getting all sweaty as there are enough shades for you to take rest.

If you prefer pleasant temperatures, then going from March to May is a good idea. Also, the temperature is 20 to 25 degrees in October to November. Although you should brace yourself in such seasons for the cloudy weather as it can rain anytime.

And the coldest season is from December to February. At the date, you will experience 10 to 17 degrees of temperature. It is just the right amount, not too cold or hot. You may want to resist your urge of dipping in crystal cold water in such season. Unless you are from nordic countries, it’s best to stay well prepared for rain.

Essentials to know before you go

  • If you go, it is must to experience the hike
  • can show you the trail maps. And another alternative is the offline map that is essential for travels
  • The best advice is to take a grand taxi from Chefchaouen. It will cost just 4.5 $ single way
  • It is suggested to make sure the weather suits you before you plan a trip
  • You can find two waterfalls on your trail. Just be sure that you see grand cascade on your way

Who is allowed to go for a hike?

  • It is best suitable for people having functional fitness
  • It’s not suitable for a pregnant woman or people who suffer from back problems for heart problems


  • Minimum age required for hiking is 15 years.


One of the best travel spots that are Akchour waterfalls of Morocco is always available for you to go on a trip. It is advised to not wait till the last moment as it is always filled with tourist. You should confirm your booking early as there is less vacancy during public holidays or festivals. You can experience a memorable and unforgettable day here if you plan your trip wisely considering all the essential factors.

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