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Things To Do In Tennessee

Best Things to do in Tennessee


In a popular introduction as the heart of country music, Tennessee is where the music flow starts. The state, with the pivot of Nashville as its capital, has a rich cultural heritage at the offer. This includes not only the monuments and sites but also the cuisine and the local events.

On the geographical front, Tennessee finds itself in the Southern part of the US. This means you will find natural inheritance and warm weather in plenty at the heart. Its popularity also ranges from the number of young students and visitors due to the ever-appealing culture.

Only on the national stage, more than 110 million Americans visit the state every year. This gives Tennessee a huge roaring business of $60 million in different aspects daily. A number of these visitors are people you will find enjoying the historical significance. The calming weather gives the remaining advantage for a global appeal.

In this article, we review for you the best things on offer in Tennessee while visiting. This includes the adventure, food, and travel options available for you. Moreover, what time suits them best to enrich your trip with life experiences of special attractions.

Camping In Tennessee

Tennessee and Nature

For years, Tennessee gives the difference that you need as a visiting eye. The calm corridors of nature draw you away from the common traffic and big buildings. It includes everything for standing out, with weather and green sites having no limits.

The common issue as an adventure lover is to find your mix of spark and calm. However, the sites within Tennessee’s reach make sure the problem is not a stopping point.

Camping in Tennessee

A major goal for traveling groups is to get their camping and hiking plans through. Most times, these will need you to pay over-the-top charges or travel a fairway. If your visit to Tennessee has enough time, the camping sites are a delight for the senses.

  • Big Fork Camping Sites: A common name bouncing around Tennessee is the big fork for every tourist. The place offers you a mix of private and public camping outlets throughout the hours. This includes its site-18 park qualities with special features for young visitors. The site remains lush throughout the year, with especially green visits in the monsoon.

The locals prefer to carry their RVs and camping kits in the short term. However, finding those for rent will not trouble you with hundreds of outlets. A big factor in its favor is the safety aspect for the young trekkers and campers too. Most sites with a pay-and-visit basis also have personal guides for the offering.

  • Deer Run Resort: This destination is within a handful of miles from the Nashville center. It offers special features if you have arrangements for RV and overnight times. Moreover, the deer trails and their natural scenery is something that separates it.

While the camping sites are remote, the private facilities offer connectivity. Modern items such as cable, internet, camps, etc. are all available for you.

  • Wildwood RV: This special entry is for golf lovers who travel at will. The Wildwood facility has a huge golfing facility that makes sure your hobby does not go dry. Meanwhile, combining it with the natural sites and the green forests adds to the adventure part.

This facility will give you the stay-cation feeling without burning pocket holes. However, it needs you to find some empty time slots to visit it in full. The big boundaries with free-flowing water pull you like a natural magnet.

Fishing and Trekking

Tennessee has almost endless water bodies crossing through its heart. Most of these are freshwater lakes that draw enough fish for everyone. While the fishing activities are legal, most of them are for tourist purposes.

The lakes and sites are open most of the season without much difficulty. Several of these are under the TWRA and there is the regulation for those sites too. However, the region of Tennessee also has a free fishing day for all its locals and tourists.

The free zones allow enough area for thousands of visitors at once. All you need is a boat and the right bait to visit these parks. However, the rules of legal and other importance apply during these times too.

Other sites and times will need you to have a fishing license within the US. This is to control the illegal trade of these for commercial purposes, causing state loss. However, the other guides for leisure fishing and boat trips are available at all times.

With a much more casual approach, trekking and rock climbing are your options. These revolve around the state parks that give you easy access and facilities. The rock-climbing professionals are also seen here every year to scale their targets.

In the same way, the Cummins Waterfalls and other places like Taylor Creek are priceless. The trek leading up will allow you a fresh breath of air to loosen up. Most sites like the Northrup falls are unique and state heritages for public visits.

Elvis Presley's Memphis

Monuments of Tennessee

Elvis Presley Complex

The biggest factor picking Tennessee out as the holiday point is your love for history. It shows in the fact that the state has the biggest contribution to music. The entire stage of rock music with some of the biggest stalwarts is set right here.

Hence, it is of no doubt when visiting Tennessee to see the father of it, Elvis Presley. Most local guides will suggest you visit the Elvis Presley Complex as a bow to the man. It is less of a location and more of a shrine for every rock-n-roll fan from the far corners.

The place is open for visits, with some of his unseen belongings. It will give you a look at what the genius mind works like. When traveling to Memphis for this place, the roads are full of Elvis attractions too. If the center part of your visit is musical interest, this place picks itself up.

Country Music Sites

Much like the Elvis Presley origin roots, Tennessee has other rich musical histories too. For instance, the rise and growth of country music bring back the days of glory. Hence, visiting Tennessee gives you a lifetime shot at making your musical dreams turn true.

The country music hall within the roots of Nashville is one such destination for you. It holds the timeless set up for the traditional fans of country songs with performances. Moreover, the grand ole opry is another alongside choice you have while visiting.

Meanwhile, Beale Street is the biggest place if you want to witness stories. It is here that you will see the rising tales of the biggest musical names in the US. Famous for its reference to the home of the blues, the place is a visual treat.

Dolly Parton Statue

Passing through the heart of Sevier County leads you to this ageless beauty. Not a typical monument, but the statue attracts visitors of all ages. The drive-through is just as easy as your visit to this place of yet another musical great.

Over time, several interesting gossips and controversies find their way for the Dolly Parton statue. Hence, the place has a unique take on music value and entertainment at no expense.

Civil War Monument

The cemetery in Tennessee’s region of Murfreesboro is another monument of attraction. It is a famous and the oldest choice coming to the remains of the civil war. The place has a fine take in the history of America and its brave people of the days.

The monument, which is a large cemetery, is a tribute to the Battle of Stones River braves. It is also at the exact point for the rise of the defense on the battlefield. Moving past this place will give you an experience of pride and satisfaction in equal measures.

Banana Pudding In Tennessee

Tennessee’s Food and Feast Delights

With music set past, the food options become another major point of delight. Tennessee, unlike the other fashion states, has a special place for small eateries. This means you will taste the local and typical choices in your easy budget options.

Sweet Tooth

A famous option for you to have is the pudding from the depths of Tennessee. The famous banana pudding and its different varieties will find a way to your mouth. However, the best time to enjoy this is the pudding festival that takes place every October. Each banana pudding competition sees people coming from across the map to enjoy the taste.

The special biscuit café in the area also has numerous taste options. The batter is a unique mix and available only within its local outlets. This gives you an interesting chance to taste the different and interesting mixes. You will find the spot in Wellington’s restaurant as well within McMinnville.


Owing to the rich water resources, Tennessee has a fair share of seafood tributes too. One important choice you will find is the catfish and the varieties of it. The fry and grill options within the Nashville and Knoxville areas specialize in this delicacy.

When treading these places, you get to choose from dozens of eat-outs. Hence, your choice of dish is equally important to make sure you meet the right pick. Other freshwater fishes and seafood items are available for your camping trips too. This makes a soothing eating experience if you are a seafood lover.


You do not expect to move to a camping state and not have a barbecue right there! Tennessee is a heavenly choice if you have a passion for grilling your choice of meats. The locality of Memphis has numerous such options for the music lovers that go through.

The Tennessee Barbeque pit and the other options in the area add to the list. More than 60 outlets within a radius of 20 kilometers are available with national brandings.

Tennessee also has a number of barbecue sauce outlets. Many of these are responsible for handling chains across the US. A number of owners allow visitors to go through their produce and see everything. This adds to their traditional pride and values within the barbecue circle. Hence, with spare time and a tingling taste bud, the barbecue shops are a must!

Festivals In Tennessee

Fests in Tennessee

More than 650 festivals of small and big proportions happen across Tennessee every year. While Nashville contributes majorly, the region of Memphis is just behind in the number. Knoxville is also a big hub for the fests in Tennessee that see over 25,000 musical performers.

These events are well-spread on the calendar, so no perfect date arises. However, the period of July to October typically remains busy with such visits. Hence, choosing that part of the year gives you a direct entry for the prime events. Most of these are single events that need you to select carefully.

Like the pudding festival, Tennessee also has free treat fests and shows. If you cross through the region, make sure that a taste of these places comes in. Most of these food choices are locally authentic, with proud owners and holders. The locals take joy in sharing their delicacies with a sense of achievement.

Visiting Tennessee

With the round-up, it is clear that Tennessee is not a one-day place. It needs you to have a good understanding of the fin arts and taste for its appreciation. Moreover, the beauty and expanse of its natural habitats need you to spend time absorbing them. The state invites tourists at all times to come and see what they do differently.

We suggest light packing that goes with your freedom to move at any time. The size of the state and its variety of arts means staying at one point is a waste. The connectivity also allows you to minimize the cost spikes during travel. You can easily find the local rental spots for a drive across the state.

A quick look at the local traditions will help you to respect the sentiments. This fits perfectly with the humble and jolly nature of the Tennessee locals towards life. No wonder it sits in your list’s peak position for a lifetime experience of different arts and tastes.

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