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Things To Do In Lubbock

10 Best Things To Do In Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock is a beautiful city in Texas that has many things to offer. Whether you are looking for museums, food, or entertainment Lubbock will not disappoint. This article will provide you with a list of the ten best things to do while visiting this wonderful city.

Buddy Holly Center

– The Buddy Holly Center is a museum that focuses on the life of Lubbock native Buddy Holly. You can see his guitars, costumes, and even watch performances by musicians who grew up in Lubbock like Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers!

– There are two lakes located near to one another in Lubbock: Lake Meredith and Fritch Lake. Both offer things for outdoor enthusiasts, such as fishing, picnics, or swimming. Also, if you want to get away from civilization for a while, this would be a perfect place to do it because there’s not much around them other than trees and hillsides.

– Lubbock is home to the largest dinosaur museum in Texas and possibly even the nation. There are exhibits on everything from fossils of prehistoric creatures found all over Texas to a look at how scientists find these fossils through modern technology.

– One of our newest additions to town is an amphitheater called The Depot, which offers concerts by many different artists and performances for the community throughout the summer months. It’s basically like getting your own personal concert venue with some amazing views!

– The Lubbock Memorial Civic Center is the city’s largest performance hall and hosts a variety of events, including concerts, graduations, theatre performances, as well as some comedy shows. If that wasn’t enough, then they also offer tours!

– As far as shopping goes, there are many plazas in town with different stores to explore for all your needs. You can find places like Old Navy Clothing Store or Kohls Department store, which have great deals on clothing options. If department stores aren’t what you’re looking for, then there are plenty of other options such as antique shops or art galleries to explore where unique items abound at every turn!

Fiesta Gardens: These gardens are perfect for a picnic or just relaxing on the benches under large shade trees. If you’re interested in taking pictures, then this is an excellent spot as well since it offers beautiful views of downtown Lubbock!

Plaza Theatre: Lubbock’s oldest theatre was built during World War I, so from its history alone, there is plenty to explore here, but what makes this theater unique are these two features that make it even more special – their very own organist who plays every Friday night before the first show and second at intermission which gives off such wonderful sounds and a mural that features an image of Lubbock during the Great Depression.

National Ranching Heritage Center Lubbock

National Ranching Heritage Center: Living an hour outside of town is this ranching heritage center which includes educational tours that will teach you about the history of ranching in America. You’ll be able to learn how things have changed over time and what life was like for cowboys back then – there’s also a museum on-site that includes interactive exhibits to help bring it all home.

Lubbock Botanic Gardens: These gardens have been around since 1976 with over two acres worth of outdoor space, including ponds with koi fish and water lilies as well as many small trees throughout – perfect for those looking for some peace & quiet on any given day. It is also a popular place for weddings, so if you’re looking to tie the knot in Lubbock, then be sure to check them out!

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