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Best things to do in Peru

The “To-Do” List When Visiting Peru

A Country with Endless Scenic Beauty:

Sitting on the Western coast, with the Pacific also embracing its might, Peru is a sight to behold. The moment you touch down, the air of South American taste of life hits you too. The essence of Peru is the perfect preview of God’s endless love for nature. The Pacific also has the charm of extending its arms right onto Lima. Just like every other city of Peru, Lima has its blessings of beauty too.

When you think about escaping the growing city-monotony and also taking a detox, Peru raises its hands to take charge. It lures you in by an endless display of nature and blending it with ancient architecture too. It breaks down every confusion you have about desires and also puts it way above the bar. Meanwhile, what you get is the endless possibility of falling in love with its scenic grace.

Peru Delight.jpeg

The celebrations of a blessed life:

Raising your expectation and also meeting them, Peru has an endless celebration to accompany its existence. Meanwhile, this celebratory style of life also contradicts popular beliefs and styles across the globe. As a traveler, your time in Peru is also bound to give you run-ins with the fiestas. Just like every other upbeat part of South America, Peru also teaches that life is about enjoying each day. Each day, it gives you a chance to figure out a new identity of yourself too, rather than simply surviving it.

Irrelevant of the month, being in Peru gives you the chance to be part of the celebrations too. Simply take the streets and also open your heart to the carnivals. Holding to the popular belief, Peru put you right in-charge of your adventures with the popular celebration styles. Hence, be prepared for the jolt of cultural lighting with these festivals at the helm. Some popular ones that you can run into (also taking consideration of the month of your visit):

  • The Marinera Festival (Trujillo City)
  • Fiesta de la Candelaria (One of the largest across South America)
  • The Festival of the Sun (Inti Raymi)
  • Culinary Festival (Mistura)

Among the thousands of festivals it obliges, Peru also does it with a mark of originality. For example, consider the case of the Marinera fest. When you step into this city, the idea of dance being a celebratory form is mild. However, moving around this festival that lasts a month, you get to correct your misinformation. The festival combines the delicate Marinera with the Peruvian charm and also the dressing marvels. What results is over 4 weeks of encounters between you and Peru that leaves you in a state of haze. It and also injects these celebrations right into your veins.

The spirit of life that comes together with you for the rest of your stay is infectious. The ability to forget the stress and take life with a smile is also what you would be needing for a new perspective.

The gentle taste of Peruvian Appetite:

Taking your journey for also the food cravings, Peru gives you endless treats. The perfect blend of European, North American, Latin American, and also Asian cuisine awaits. The Creole (Peruvian food analogy) is a genius mixture of all these tastes. That is also the reason for its spreading and acceptance all over the world. Meanwhile, trying the famous options gets you to uncover the blends of taste that were hiding until now.

Peru food.jpg

Unlike many other exclusive appetites, Peru also has its take on Vegetarian food. A combination of both is what also makes it desirable for every person on an equal note. The basic elements revolve around the central prospect of chicken, lamb, vegetables, seafood, and much more. The Andean cuisine also gives you a chance to interact with the fresh meats and seasoning too.

Because of natural diversity, Peru also has the luck of varying food culture. Hence, a few kilometers in any direction and your taste buds get a new and distinguished experience. Meanwhile, for the meals, which also remains notable is that most ingredients are naturally available. The indigenous nature of the spices and also the ingredients and constituents gives the dish a local touch.

Peru takes endless pride in its cuisine and that is also evident in its advocacy of these. Some dishes you can also choose to munch on while the hunger hauntings are:

  • Pepper stuffing (Also natively called Rocoto Relleno)
  • Ceviche (Traditional blend of Peruvian fish delicacies)
  • Creamy Chicken (Especially in the central part)
  • Cuy al Horno (A dish that revolves around guinea pig and stuffing)

What remains notable is also that seafood gives you a variation in itself. Given the location and the coastal existence, Peru has seawater and also freshwater options. Thus, diversity in seafood appetite is also one of the things you encounter on your way ahead.

Peru’s tryst with nature and architecture:

Amazon Rain Forest:

When deciding to move beyond the celebrations and the food, the next checkpoint is nature. Peru also has the privilege of being the parent of the rainforest which gives it endless natural locations. Visiting the Amazon rainforest, the hand of nature pulls you in too. The beautiful huts and tree-houses give you a chance to live and breathe nature too. Meanwhile, this journey is nothing less than an experience of a lifetime. In order to cope, one must also turn his instinctive side on and forget the leisure of the city behind.

Amazon rain forest.jpeg

Machu Picchu:

The love for nature and architecture blend also goes ahead in the further steps. Machu Picchu pops up like a mandatory login that your heart just doesn’t wish to oversee. The architectural beauty of the valley and also the mountain scenery is breath-taking. The ancient culture and the closeness to nature also make you fall in love with everything that it stands for.

Basílica y Convento:

While nature and architecture do their thing, History and craft also have a significant existence. Peru holds a thick blend of cultural relevance from the past which it also preserves with love. The historical heritage of Lima is an example that rests the Basílica y Convento. The architecture that runs in with human bones is as amusing as chilling too. Meanwhile, the fact that Peru takes pride in preserving such heritage is an example of natural affection. To overlook such amazing work is going to be pretty tough in the visit.

The next few destinations that you can jot down on the map for a visit are:

  • The Colca Canyon
  • The Choquequirao Park of archeological marvel
  • The Larco Museum
  • The Huaca Pucllana

Making a Capital Privilege for Lima:

In all the previously notable facts, what also remains is the visible affection to Lima. The city is not only the heart of this amazing country but also the lifeline support. Lima finds an interesting method of attracting the views too. Its relevance to the historical existence of Peru is also huge. The amazing cathedral architecture also remains one of the pivotal pieces. Most of the art and architecture that Lima holds also dates back to the 16 century. Taking an insight into this beautiful city needs more than a day or two from you too. Freeing up the schedule and putting the walking boots on, it is also time to get going.

Some of the lovely sights that you must be willing to choose from while in Lima are:

  • Visiting the beautiful Gold Museum (For historical and ornamental delight)
  • Spending time and also sinking in the architectural might of Cathedral de Lima. (For religious and scenic touch)
  • Enjoying the light and sight show of the Park of Reserve. (The touch of greenery)
  • Visiting the Huaca Pucllana (the amalgamation of cultural and architectural heritage)
  • Taking out some time for also visiting the Museo Larco Art (The Larco Museum)

If your idea for visiting Peru is relatively short, it is also worth noting that Lima has the perfect combination. Meanwhile, the cuisine, cultural heritages, festivities, and also the architecture create a perfect combination. Lima gives you the feel of being back in the 18th century but with the comforts of the 21st century too. It greets you with its simplicity and slowly blows you away by the depth it holds. The most appreciable part of the city is its ability to create an aura of simple yet beautiful living. Hence, it remains the top of the bucket list priority of every individual that falls in love with Peruvian beauty.

Beautiful Peru.jpeg

Making sure to take away your troubles:

Peru vows to take the woes of monotony and stress away too. May it be a bunch of friends, a loving couple or an adventure enthusiast, it greats all with surprise. The perfect combination of history, art, food, and nature is also what you have been needing. Even the love for sports, wander and photography also find their ends meet in this paradise. To set foot in this beautiful coastal country and embrace the breeze of the Pacific might is magical. The magic that not only takes you by surprise but the dust also remains in every step that you walk hereafter.

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