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Things To Do In Ubud

10 Exciting Things to Do in Your Ubud Trip

Ubud is situated in the Bali highlands, part of this beautiful island known as the cultural capital rife with brilliant art galleries, elegant temples, scenic beaches, stunning museums, and places to eat, all over the region. Ubud is unique and has a different ambiance compared to the busy and hurried places such as Seminyak or Kuta.

Ubud also boasts of the spectacular Royal Palace in the center of the town and every cultural attraction rests against the backdrop of verdant valleys and lush green paddy fields to leave you mesmerized. Did you know that Ubud is home to many of the fine dining experiences in Bali? Yes, you will find a hoard of healthy restaurants that serve vegan, fusion, and vegetarian food. In this post, we will walk you through the 10 most exciting things to do in Ubud. Before that, let us learn how to reach Ubud.

Reaching Ubud

You will find no direct flights to reach Ubud. Tourists will need to board a flight at Denpasar Airport, Bali to get to Ubud. You can book flight tickets with decent air traffic and connectivity from any part of the world. Once you reach Denpasar, you can take a cab or bus to reach Ubud.

Awesome Things to Do in Bali

Take pleasure in the scenic views at the Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk

If you want to get away from the hectic life of the city and take in the beauty of the local landscape, the Campuhan Ridge Walk is your best bet. Take a walk with your family or friends meandering through the verdant paths of stunning hills overlooking a picturesque valley. Walk down the ridge from the gorgeous starting point of the historic Gunung Lebah Temple built in the eighth century, which seats on a jutting rock in Ubud.

Unwind on the Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Ubud has loads to offer if you are a beach lover. The white sand, clear turquoise waters, and scenic surroundings will make an ideal beach vacation for you and your loved ones. Just a couple of minutes away from the airport, the Kuta Beach, a key attraction for thousands of beach lovers for its surf waves and golden sand, making it the liveliest and most sought-after beaches in Ubud.

You will find a gamut of affordable choices of hotels, food, as well as beach clubs, making Kuta the favorite spot for young travel aficionados looking to chill out on the beach.

Take delight in Kuta’s stunning sunsets and pulsating nightlife. The beach is well-maintained, clean, and also safe for families and couples. Kuta Beach offers loads of activities such as excellent diving opportunities, massage and spa, bungee jumping, waterslides, and boat rides.

Fine dining at Locavore

Locavore Restaurant

Did you know Locavore is one of the most attractive restaurants in Ubud? With many awards to its credit, and if you like to savor some of the finest fusion food, Locavore is your best bet. Ray Adriansyah and Eelke Plasmeijer, both excellent chefs toss up some of the local, delectable dishes by sourcing food from Ubud, serving mouthwatering menus, stretching up to nine delicious courses.

You can pick your preferred dishes and pair them with your favorite wine to ensure that you get the best out of a meal. The fusion food served at this restaurant has the local ingredients blended with exotic cooking techniques.

The popular dishes include pork shoulder and smoked catfish, but ensure you book in advance if you would like to dine at Locavore. That is because the food here lasts for three hours.

Savor rich aromatic coffee at Studio Seniman

Studio Seniman

It’s a self-styled café and one of the finest places in Ubud to enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee with your loved ones. The brews at this coffee shop are sourced locally, and when you visit, savor the taste of your favorite best beverage sitting on a rocking chair, while taking in the beauty of the tranquil surroundings.

Coffee making is seriously taken at Studio Seniman and you can taste a wide range of coffee varieties including pour-over and siphon, sampling some of the best beans on your visit here. The café also serves food with coffee, a perfect blend of local and global fare together with alcoholic beverages if you visit during the evening.

The foods served here are grilled soy-marinated chicken, fried eggs, crispy fried spring rolls, cheese, chicken, shrimp, and Seniman salad. The coffee varieties include espresso, Americano, latte, mocha, piccolo, flat white, ice latte, ice mocha, and more.

Tour the Museum Puri Lukisan

Puri Lukisan

Ubud being the cultural capital of the beautiful island of Bali, it has the highest count of stunning museums and art galleries to leave you astounded. One of the popular museums here, if you would love to see modern art, is the Museum Puri Lukisan. The place features a gamut of artwork with English elucidations of art and history in Ubud.

This museum was the innovation of Water Spies, Rudolf Bonnet, as well as Cokorda Gede Agung Sukawati, a local artist and also a member and prince of the Royal Family, Ubud.

If you have a penchant for art, Museum Puri Lukisan is the best place to explore if you want to see non-religious works of art, which are difficult to find in other museums in the region.

Head for the Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach

This is an all-encompassing beach offering all things a beach lover wants such as white sand, turquoise waters, jaw-dropping beach scenery, plush hotels, shopping centers, water sports, spas, as well as an 18-hole verdant golf course. Explore the Nusa Dua Beach if you want to beat the stress and invigorate your senses with thrilling water sports, an ideal beach vacation for families and honeymooners.

Nusa Dua has a pristine, serene environment with silvery sand and turquoise waters, a tourist hotspot for that perfect beach vacation you have dreamed of all these years! The scenic beauty and jaw-dropping surroundings will leave you enthralled together with the thrilling water sports to add to the adventure and excitement to your beach vacation.

Take in the beauty of the exotic marine life that includes colorful fish, aquatic animals, and coral reefs living under the sea. The crashing waves on the shore coupled with the sweet and salty scent lingering in the air at Nusa Dua Beach are the things tourists love.

Enjoy a lip-smacking lunch at Alchemy café

Alchemy Cafe

Visit the Alchemy Café if you would like to savor some of the finest vegan and raw food in Ubud. All recipes are prepared here at onsite, where you can spoil your taste buds with vegan cheesecakes as well as scrumptious salads. This place boasts of a full salad bar.

If you crave more, order some raw vegan chocolate at the café’s, in-house chocolaterie or you can take delight in the raw juices pressed to perfection! Besides food and drinks, you can opt for a wide array of beauty treatments at their adjoining holistic clinic and health store, located upstairs.

Explore Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah

Visit Goa Gajah, which is an Elephant Cave in Ubud and one of the major tourist hotspots on this scenic island. The cave is close to Ubud, located in Bedulu Village, a striking archaeological marvel carved out of a huge temple compound.

While getting inside this cave, you will need to walk down the stairs and land on a beautiful courtyard, which is the Goa Gajah’s main entrance. The elephant cave dates back to the eleventh century.

Once you enter the cave, you can see an array of cave paintings as well as a little shrine meant for meditation. Outside the cave, take delight in watching a beautiful Hindu temple with a couple of gushing fountains and a magnificent bathing pool.

Spend some special moments on the Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach

Sun-loungers, coral reefs, and plush hotels are some of the best things Jimbaran has to offer to beach enthusiasts. The beach is a calm place to relax with its peaceful and serene settings and a plethora of fine dining restaurants, where you can savor a scrumptious dinner while absorbing the beauty of the jaw-dropping sunset.

You can choose to sit amid the verdant coconut groves providing cool shade, taking delight watching the crashing waves of the ocean.

Take a tour of Museum Rudana

Museum Rudana

Visit this museum overlooking the stunning emerald-green paddy fields, belonging to Nyoman Rudana, a Balinese politician and his spouse, an art lover. The place stretches up to three floors, where you can see objects of art, especially memorabilia. You can see as much as 400 art pieces including conventional paintings and an antique calendar belonging to the 1840s.

You will also find modern art pieces, and in an adjoining gallery, you can purchase a couple of Balinese artwork too.

Wrapping up

Ubud is an all-round tourist spot that you cannot afford to miss when visiting Bali. The dynamic art scene, scenic landscapes, cultural attractions, best cuisines, and pristine beaches are some of the things you can enjoy in this delightful town.

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