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Road Trip Planner – How to plan a road trip

12 Best Tips for an Awesome, Fun-filled Road Trip

Road trips are cool, awesome! No matter which destination you are heading to, hitting the great outdoors, stopping by picturesque lakes, eating smoke-grilled fish, or staying in a plush hotel or resort will be in your mind. And yes, you will drive a top-of-the-line BMW with your family or friends. Feels great, huh?

A memorable road trip will make you explore places, discover hidden caves, explore lush green forests, and more. A road trip is thrilling; you do not know where to eat, where to catch some sleep, and when you will get a halt to stretch your legs to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

You can choose any destination you like, where to stay, where to dine, and how much money you spend. Then, these 12 tips for an awesome road trip will help you prepare for the same.

Road Trip Map

First things first, use Google Maps

This is the first thing a smart traveler does is entering the starting point and the ultimate destination before starting his BMW engine. Entering these details will give you an idea of the approximate time you will take to reach your destination.

You will need to adjust the direction and figure out where to travel and how long it will take to reach your favorite national park bordered by snow-capped mountains and a cascading waterfall to treat your eyes. It could also be a pristine beach, swaying palms, and waves crashing on the shore. The choice is yours, entirely.

Ensure that you know your basic direction or route from point A to point B. then, you will have to adjust or adapt to unexpected changes, turns, instant decisions, and things like that during the road trip.

Music is fun

Listening to your favorite music feels great when you are on a road trip, especially when you are driving through roads with thick groves on each side. You will have much time to drive and therefore, ensure you have enough songs downloaded on your smartphone or iPod. Do not leave the USB cable at home. And of course, carry a power bank.

Some of the best road trip songs include Born to Run sung by Bruce Springsteen, Here I Go Again by Whitesnake, Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Road to Nowhere sung by Talking Heads, and many more.

You can also listen to local radio, the kind of music you usually do not hear back home. It would be something new and fun.

Explore the roads less taken

When you decide to hit the roads and leave the concrete jungle, take the roads less frequented by travelers. You would see more greenery, lakes, interact with the locals, and explore paths less traveled. You can take a detour. You never where you will discover a ghost town, a haunted mansion, or for that matter hidden treasure. Follow these routes. It is your choice because spontaneity is the rule of the game when it comes to road trips.

Plan for some additional time to have more fun

Though it is a smart idea to stick to a routine or schedule, do leave some time so that you do not miss any one-off spot during a road trip. It could be anything like a stuffed gopher museum, vantage points, a huge imposing statue, and interpretive scenic spots during your journey.

Keep some time aside for jumping out of your BMW and explore local villages, verdant paddy fields, local food, and of course handicrafts made by the villagers. Planning for some additional time will also help you beat the fatigue of a long road journey.

If you are traveling with your kids, the little halts will make them cheerful when they spot butterflies or a hole created by a bird in the bark of a tree in the woodlands.

Local foods

Savor local food and stay local

Try the local restaurants or eateries even if you do not know much about them. Some of the mouthwatering local food to try includes beef jerky, hard-boiled eggs, sunny side-up, popcorn, protein bars, string cheese, local pizzas, wraps, salads, smoked fish, sandwiches, burgers, pretzels, and even sizzlers at a local restaurant if they serve that.

The same rule holds when it comes to your accommodation during road trips. If you have the budget, you can always stay at a luxurious resort, but there is no harm in staying at a motel by the road, homestays, or a mom and pop place close to the highway. It will also help you save some more of the money that you can spend on some activities later in the trip.

Carry your camping gear

When you’re on a road, you could come across a wooded area by a lake where you would like to camp with your loved ones or friends. Then, if you do not have the right camping gear, things will become difficult. So pitch a tent on the ground and camp by the lake. You can fish and savor some fresh catch for lunch.

After dusk, you can lit a campfire and sit in a circle playing the guitar or recount ghost stories. You can also dance with your inamorata under the star-studded sky while camping. Later, you can cozy up in a blanket and catch some sleep after a long, tiring day.

Camping is easy and affordable than staying in hotels or resorts. It also allows you to meet the locals, see the places of interest, and enjoy the great outdoors instead of being confined within the four walls of a hotel room.

If you are camping near a forest or wooded area, keep your torch, carbolic acid handy to stay safe from snakes and spot bears. Do not leave food crumbles because wild animals may sense and come closer to your tent.

Road Trip Van

Find travel mates who share the same interests

When on a road trip, you must travel with the right person or a group that has the same temperament as you. After hours of driving and being confined in your BMW for 3-4 hours at a stretch, you need to explore little places of historical interest. If your travel companions share the same likes, the trip will become more enjoyable instead of someone who thinks nothing but boozing at a local bar. Now, you can always drink, but in moderation. Overdoing will spoil your road trip.

Avoid traveling, with a lazy person who never gets out of the car and keeps sitting inside. Now, that is boring and you do not expect to travel with such people.

Travel during the day

Start your trip as early as possible. If it means beginning your journey at four am in the morning, so be it. It will give you enough time to see monuments, woodlands, forests, wildlife, scenic mountains, unspoiled beaches, and so on. You can also take delight in seeing stunning sunsets at different points every day during the entire road trip. It means you will have time for these activities.

Starting early will also help you avoid traffic and people on the road. It will make your journey pleasant and less hectic.

Pack right for your road trip

You need to pack the right items for your road trip. These include first aid kit, medicines, spare cash, a notepad and pen, camera, flashlight, toilet paper, umbrella, a book or two, travel games, shades, blankets, travel pillows, water bottles, clothes, hand sanitizer, towels, flip flops, sunscreen, sunhats, toiletries, and extra bags.

Stay prepared for rough weather

The weather doesn’t need to be all sunny and pleasant during your road trip. Heavy rains, snow, and hurricanes are some of the harsh climatic conditions that often ruin road trips. If you are planning for a long trip, check the weather before leaving home. For rain or storm, you need to wear the right shoes, pack the right garments, and carry items such as tire chains, if required.

Again, if you are hitting the roads during the colder months, carry enough warm clothes, gloves, socks, and an umbrella to stay safe from snowstorms or cold.

Fuel up your BMW

Whenever you find gas stations, fill up your car’s gas tank, if empty. On a road trip, gas stations are a godsend. Some of the advanced ones come with decent food, beverages like tea or coffee for tired travelers, and clean toilets. A couple of gas stations let you use their amenities and even allow you to park your BMW in their parking lot.

Know how to change a car tire

Learn to change your tire because you may be at some spot where roadside help does not turn up fast or never arrives at all. Changing vehicle tires is not that difficult and therefore, if you do not know, you must learn it before your road trip. You should know where the spare tire is located, check the tire pressure, and things like that.

Wrapping up

Now that you have these tips handy, it will help you make your road trip fun, enjoyable, and safe. Hit the roads, go places, and travel happily. Bring these memories back home after the trip.

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