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Best Beaches In Auckland

10 Best Beautiful and Scenic Beaches of Auckland that You Must Explore

Auckland Beaches

One of the best things about Auckland, New Zealand is the list of beautiful, stunning beaches that are easily accessible by travel aficionados like you. Auckland has a spectacular coastline where you can unwind on the pristine beaches, feel the ocean breeze, play with your kids on the sand, and take in the beauty of the swaying palms.

The unspoiled beaches and water in Auckland are unique because the turquoise ocean waters, black sand together with the serrated rocks build a dreamy milieu. And who does not love to play around a little with salty mist, huh?

No matter where you are in Auckland, you will find a scenic beach that you can easily access. Here are the 10 most spectacular beaches for you to explore in Auckland:

Anchor Bay

This beach is snuggled in the Tawharanui Regional Park, a golden beach that you will love to explore. Keep Auckland Bay on your bucket list the beach is just an 80-minute easy drive from the city. It is the ideal destination for that perfect day trip away from the hustle and bustle of the town.

The beach is unspoiled and famous for its golden sand, where you can view the clearest and cleanest ocean water and even waves kissing the shore. The beach is, therefore, best for tourists, who like to take a dip in calm waters or for getting that perfect tan. If you are looking for some adventure, move towards the rock pools, from where you can deep dive.

The jaw-dropping beauty of this beach attracts hikers, surfers, and an ideal spot in isolated park surroundings.

Try camping on the beach to capture the splendid sunrise on your camera. You can also spot several birds that most are inhabitants of the Tawharanui Regional Park.

Pakiri Beach in Auckland

Pakiri Beach

What is your dream of a perfect beach? A stunning coastline, white sand, and transparent blue waters crashing on the shore make an ideal beach location. Pakiri Beach is your idea of a perfect beach where you can escape with your family or friends from the concrete jungle of the city.

The secluded yet accessible beach is idyllic and serene, where you would like to laze around and relax for that eventual vacation therapy. The beach does not let you play loud music and here, it is the silence and peaceful settings that you need to take delight in for some me-time, to escape your busy schedule.

Whatipu Beach

If you would like to see the untamed and wilderness side of Auckland, this is your best bet. Whatipu Beach is an adventure lover’s paradise with caves, rugged trails, and bushes, a stunning spot seated in the Waitakere Ranges.

The beach is in the hands of the Auckland Council Regional Parks and has the wow factor that attracts travelers to one of the most sought-after destinations in Auckland, New Zealand.

The beach offers opportunities to spot wildlife and perfect for all kinds of hiking levels. The hiking path is usually for walking, hiking, bird watching, and taking nature trips. Do not forget to take your camera with you to capture the best wildlife photos and videos.

Piha Beach

If you are planning to visit a beach location, where savage waves hit the cliff leaving you spellbound, Piha Beach is your best bet. You will find the Lion Rock splitting the beach into two segments, leaving photographers bewitched.

You can explore further by discovering a track leading to the Kitekite Falls. A 25-minute trekking path will lead to the three-tiered fall that plummets from a height of 40 meters. You will find this towards the back of Piha Beach.

The strong currents lure adventure-seekers and surfers to this rocky and black sand beach. The beach is a favorite spot for landscape photography lovers. The beach is popular among both surfers and tourists who want to take a relaxed walk down the black sand. Climb Lion Rock but ensure safety because you will need to know about heights.

Karekare Beach

Karekare Beach

Karekare beach is the perfect place for taking a romantic walk with your inamorata. The stunning rock formations surrounding the beach build an image of a wonderland. If you are a nature lover in the real sense of the word, you will find plenty of options here.

The windswept beach beaten by huge waves makes this place one of the most coveted beaches in Auckland. Again, Karekare features a couple of isolated spots replete with stunning scenery for photography lovers.

This is a beach where movie coastal scenes were made. The Piano was shot at this beach. You can brave the jerky waters of Karekare, and if not, you can always take delight in the surrounding scenery. You can take in the beauty of the Karekare waterfalls, a walking distance that you can reach easily.

Muriwai Beach

It’s a popular beach location in Auckland, though you will not find adequate surfing opportunities and black sand out there. Explore this coveted amusement spot offering spectacular coastal vista embellished by rising, roaring waves, thrilling viewpoints, and huge boulders. You can take jaw-dropping views of nature and surrounding scenery from Muriwai Beach. You can access this spot within an hour from downtown Auckland.

Surfing, lazing under colorful umbrellas, and rolling down the dunes are a few things you can here.

Mission Bay

Mission Bay is the safest spot for swimming all year round with a stunning Rangitoto Island in the background. The Fitness park, biking track, and splendid light at sundown are the major crowd pullers of the beach. You will also find a couple of eateries around, where you can savor your taste buds.

If you would like to take a short, stroll, explore the nearby Saint Helliers and Kohimarama Beaches.

You can take delight in one of the cafes, sipping iced tea or mouthwatering smoothies with a tropical twist. If you want something stronger, grab a beer mug with your loved ones. Mission Bay is perfect for friends and families, a perfect beach for those who want some bubbly Jersey Shore feel.

Point Chevalier Beach

This is a beach that you can explore if you love to picnic with your family or friends. With fewer tourists visiting Chevalier Beach, it is a secluded spot by the beach with parking options. Then, you may see high tides on a rough day, and therefore, be a little careful. When there is a high tide, the beach looks like a half-moon, a stunning background to Auckland’s spectacular scenic beauty. Click some jaw-dropping photos during high tide, especially the crescent-shaped moon.

The beach is best if you like summertime, relaxing stroll. This inner-city beach is ideal for family outings, where you can sit by the shore and watch your kiddo have some fun at the neighboring playground. Kids can paddleboard at the Point Chev Yacht Club.

The beach is extremely pet-friendly if you would like to take your furry friend along for some fun and adventure. You will love the balmy waters that are safe for taking a dip. The beach also receives abundant sunshine all through the day, opportunities for sunbathing!

Cheltenham Beach

Cheltenham Beach

If you are looking for some ocean water therapy in Auckland, then head for Cheltenham Beach. Seated close to the North Head Historic Reserve, it is one of those beaches to spend some relaxing moments with your loved ones. Explore this place if you are looking for some stunning views of Waitemata Harbor, Hauraki Gulf, as well as, the city of Auckland, right from the North Head Reserve. The views are spectacular and the beach worthy of a visit.

Access the beach with ease by taking a ferry from the city to Devonport to unwind on this beach with your family or friends.

You love the calm ocean waters that are best for kayakers and swimmers with many picnic spots if you want some fun moments by the ocean.

If you feel hungry, visit the local dairy or the fish and chips shops to make the most out of your beach experience. You can try some of the best milkshakes at Milk Bar.

Waiake Beach

If you are looking for serenity, splendid sunsets, and stunning views, Waiake Beach is one beach that never fails to impress tourists from all over the world. Clean waters, white sand, rough boulders shaped uniquely make this beach one of the sought-after tourist destinations of Auckland.

If you are a romantic traveler, pontoon floating in the middle of the ocean waters together with other boat ramps makes this beach a lover’s paradise.

You will secure, sheltered swimming areas with grass and shady trees at Waiake Beach. Your kids will have a gala time at the playground and the rock pools towards the south end of this beach. Look for hermit crabs, starfish, or cat’s eyes here.

Wrapping up

Now that you have the names of the best beaches in Auckland, decide which ones you would like to explore. Whether you want a relaxing day by the ocean, like to swim or watch your kids have fun at the playgrounds, Auckland’s beaches have it all. Happy beach time!

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