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10 Best Haiti Beaches

10 Best and Scenic Beaches You Must Explore in Haiti

If you are looking for the perfect slice of Caribbean paradise, pristine beaches, sun-soaked milieu, waves crashing on the shore, straight from a romantic Hollywood movie, Haiti is the place to be. The tropical heaven is known for its clear turquoise water, golden beaches, and swaying palms. Travel aficionados can unwind on the beaches, sunbath, stay at luxurious resorts, shop at the local stalls, and try out a gamut of activities that you have only dreamt of, all these years.

Haiti is the top tourist destination with some of the best beaches around the world. Here is our list of the 10 of them:

1. Cormier Plage


Cormier Plage is a hidden gem in Haiti. If you are staying at the beach resort, you will enjoy special access to the Plage beachfront. The sandy stretches of the beach are seated in a posh location from where you can head to the key tourist hotspots in Haiti, including the Citadelle Laferrière, a popular cultural haunt for tourists like you.

You can book beachfront rooms to take delight in the scenic views ahead like the roaring waves crashing on the smooth golden sand from dawn to dusk.

2. Labadee


It’s also called Labadie and the port owned by the cruise ship company, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line to help you reach this scenic beach in Haiti. Thronged by tourists from all over the world and popular for private access, do not miss exploring this beach in the tropical paradise.

Tranquil settings and balmy waters greet you when you plan to unwind with your family or friends here. You can shop at local stores and down the beach resort, and even get a bit of an adrenaline rush with the world’s longest above-water zipline, called Dragon’s Breath Flight Line.

3. Port-Salut


It’s a soothing beach in Haiti and home to a plethora of local businesses providing awesome amusement to beach lovers. Plush restaurants serving fresh seafood and local cuisine, elite hotels, trendy boutiques dot off to the stunning coast. You will get all the necessary things in this beautiful beach town in Haiti. After exploring the scenic beach and the nearby surroundings, you can slow down a bit by watching spectacular sunsets of glorious oranges and pinks above the crystal-clear turquoise waters. You can reach the beach town by bus, hired car, cruise ship, and air.

4. Wahoo Bay Beach


This beach forms part of a beautiful resort seated somewhat north of the capital city of Port-au-Prince. Wahoo Bay Beach is a lover’s paradise with a romantic setting for lovebirds to relax and cozy up on the beach.

The adventure activities include snorkeling, kayaking, as well as mountain climbing. If you just want to relax with your inamorata, rent some two chairs and sit on the scenic beach to take in the stunning beauty of the Caribbean waters and nearby lush green mountains.

5. Chouchou Bay Beach


The stunning and jaw-dropping beach is seated in northern Haiti and bordered by verdant mountains beautifully, embellishing the scenery encircling the oceanfront. If you love quiet, Chouchou Bay Beach is your best bet because the place is sparsely populated with tranquil beach surroundings.

You’ll be awestruck the colorful coral formations on the western fringes of this beach, another spectacular beach destination for adventure seekers looking for snorkeling and diving.

You can drive to this place Cap-Haïtien, and therefore perfect for a day’s trip while you stay in the northern part of Haiti.

6. Ils-a-Rat Beach


This scenic beach is as big as a city block and christened by Columbus during the period when he came to this place on a sea voyage. The center of this place is profuse with verdant vegetation, and its boundary full of stunning tropical beaches, a treat to your eyes!

Take in the beauty of the vibrant coral reefs discernible from the shoreline, offering travelers a spectacular view and a hotspot for tourist activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling. The beach is very, very touristy offering loads of fun activities for adventure lovers.

If you love some peace, stay on the beach staring into the blue ocean sitting on the golden sand, sipping Mojito with your loved one.

7. Kokoye Beach


If you love crystal, clear, and balmy waters, head for Kokoye Beach, a slice of heaven on earth, and an isolated, sandy gem for sea lovers. The place is a little offbeat and less frequented but worth a visit because of its scenic, tranquil surroundings. You can get to this beach through unpaved roads and thick vegetation, but worthy because of the tropical scenery and pristine, unspoiled location. The driving might be a little bumpy considering the road.

Though it is a local attraction, the scenic beach emanates the classic Caribbean beauty and the rich Haitian culture. Visit Kokoye Beach to take delight in the surroundings of swaying palms as well as flat sand that let you see deep into the profundity of the Caribbean backdrop. So what are you waiting for, huh!

8. Grann Do Beach


The scenic and picturesque beach is dotted with palm trees and boats, especially the coastline, in the southeast part of Haiti. The key attraction is a comfortable stay at Côtes-de-Fer, a stunning beach with the perfect mix of sand, waves, and lush vegetation. You can enjoy thrilling boat rides on the blue water or choose to stay on the mainland and have fun in the water swimming or taking a leisurely, unhurried stroll down the beach with your family or friends. Did you know that Gann Do Beach offers you the best of tropical, Haitian surroundings?

9. Gelee Beach


A one-off beach in Haiti that allows you to view cows in the green pastures, and again, you find the animals on the beachfront. The Gelee Beach, unlike other scenic beaches dotted with lush mountains, is surrounded by clear, wide spaces.

It is one of those beaches, where you can take a relaxing walk before or after feasting on lip-smacking local lobsters. Fresh seafood is served in the nearby restaurants by the beach. The beach is worth a visit due to its scenic beauty, and of course the Caribbean background.

10. Jacmel Beach


The stunning beach is situated in south Haiti and dots with resorts, hotels, restaurants, and stores, thus making this place a happening destination for beach lovers from all over the world. The beach is home to many film and art festivals before the devastating tremors shaking this French colonial city back in 2010.

Jacmel Beach has been successful in reinvigorating its bright cultural setting with the beginning of festivals such as the Jacmel Film Festival.

Important things to remember when visiting Haiti

Reaching Haiti: Haiti lacks a railway system. Therefore, you need to drive or hire a cab to reach the destination. Buses operate every day and it takes around nine hours to reach Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital.

By air, you can book tickets through American Airlines and Air France to land at Aeroport International Toussaint Louverture, in the capital city.

Most of the flights leave from the Sunshine State of Florida and halt there before landing at Haiti airport. If you are in another city in Haiti, you will need to fly to Aeroport International Toussaint Louverture and next travel by land or a smaller aircraft.

Currency: The currency of the place is the Gourde. Though you can see the American dollar printed on price lists and menus, the local government in Haiti has declared that all business transactions will take place in the Gourde currency. Then, numerous businesses prefer to use the American dollar. Therefore, keep the local currency with your buying stuff, shopping, or for paying for waterside activities.

Weather: Haiti experiences a tropical climate all through the year with high day temperatures. Therefore, wear sunhats and shades when relaxing on the beach. You also need to have a bottle of good sunscreen lotion. However, you can swim and splash water in the ocean, as the water temperature is suitable all through the year, bordering around 79 degrees to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, which is comfortable for swimmers. The ocean offers you the best photogenic view during the dry months and remains calmest.

Best time to visit: Since Haiti has a tropical climate throughout the year, you can visit anytime. The weather is perfect during the dry months from November until March and considered the best time to explore the beaches of Haiti.

You will find heavy downpours from April through June, followed by strong hurricanes, and therefore not an ideal time to stay on the beach. Again, August until October, Haiti experiences somewhat light rainfall.

Wrapping up

Revel in the joy of the warm, turquoise waters of the ocean in Haiti’s stunning beaches. The smooth sand, crashing waves, sometimes, calm waters, and spectacular views of the oceanfront, lush greenery, mountains, and palm trees will leave you mesmerized. Keep these beach destinations in your bucket list for a fun, enjoyable beach vacation in the tropical paradise of Haiti. Pack your bags and head for Haiti.

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